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What We Offer

Herring Gas Company provides a wide range of services to address all your propane needs. These include:

Installation and Repair Services

Whether you need propane gas service installed in a new building or an outlet added to an existing one, our skilled service technicians can do the job. We also provide onsite repair and service for all propane stoves, heaters, water heaters, and almost any other propane-burning appliance. Our service technicians receive extensive safety and technical training to make sure any work done is done right.

Tank Rental Program

You can rent any size propane tank from Herring Gas for as low as $50/year (plus applicable sales tax). If there is ever a problem with one of our rental tanks, we will correct it. And, if you lose gas due to a leak at the tank, we will replace it at no charge. Renting a tank is truly a worry and maintenance-free option!

Budget Program

Residential customers can avoid the winter spike in their propane bills by using the EzPay budget program. With the budget program, you pay a fixed amount each month that is based on your normal, annual propane gas usage.

Prebuy and Contract Programs

We offer the option for customers to prebuy gas during warmer months, when gas prices are typically the lowest, enabling them to avoid the historically higher wintertime prices. Agricultural customers can also sign a contract for gas that locks in a lower price for the winter season.

Route and Volume Discounts

Residential customers can avoid running out by participating in our route program and save up to $.10/gallon off of the Will Call Price. To qualify you must maintain a zero balance and pre-authorize us to fill up your tank each month. Agricultural, commercial, and government customers may qualify for discounts based on the volume of gas used during the year.

Financial Assistance

For customers who are struggling to pay their heating bills, Herring Gas is a recognized vendor with the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). To find out more information and to see if you qualify for financial assistance, please contact your local LIHEAP Agency. In Mississippi contact the Department of Human Services and in Louisiana the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency.

To learn more about any of these offers, please contact your local Herring Gas office.