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Resources for Children

Coloring Pages

Thumbnail of Kids Coloring BookWe have created free coloring pages, featuring a Herring Gas bobtail, that we hope your kids will enjoy! Download Bobtail Coloring Page or Download Bobtail Coloring Page - Christmas Edition

Thumbnail of Kids Coloring BookThis 18-page coloring book explores the many ways propane is used every day and discusses some keys of propane safety. It features the Propane Kids—Kate and Max, and their friends Scout and Sniffy. Download the PropaneKids Coloring Book for free!

Safety Checklist

Thumbnail of Safety ChecklistUse this checklist to help your children be more aware of safety precautions that should be taken in your home. Make sure to emphasize that if they sense something is wrong, they should always alert an adult and let them handle the situation. Download the Safety Checklist

More Propane Information for Kids

Thumbnail of propanekids.comLooking for a fun way to teach your children about propane safety? Check out PropaneKids.com, a fun, interactive website that features games and activities that teach children how to adopt good propane safety habits in and around the home. The site even has a resource section for parents and educators to download activities like home safety inspection checklists, safety lesson plans, and coloring pages to reinforce good safety habits for the whole family! Visit PropaneKids.com