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The Risk of Doing It Yourself!

Do you like trying to fix problems on your own? When it comes to your propane system, doing it yourself can be very dangerous! Propane is a safe and reliable source of energy, however, its safety depends on the correct installation and use of the propane appliances, valves, piping, regulator, and tank. A repair or change to a propane system is never as easy as you might think. A mistake could result in serious injury or death. Never try performing any gas installation or repair on your own!

Leave It to the Pros

For your safety, please leave all repairs and changes to your propane system, including appliances, valves, and piping, to a licensed professional. All Herring Gas technicians have the tools and training to make sure your propane system is working properly. This includes following Federal, State, and Local codes and using the correctly rated parts. When you leave it to a pro, you ensure that all aspects of your propane system are safe and working properly.

In the event that any part of your propane system is worked on by anyone other than a Herring Gas employee, it is your legal responsibility to notify Herring Gas immediately.

Working With Gas Is Serious Business

Please take a moment to watch the following propane safety video.