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Properly Close & Cap Unused Propane Outlets

gas icons.pngMost propane-fueled appliances are connected to a cut-off valve, which is usually located on the floor. Whenever a propane appliance is disconnected, even temporarily, the cut-off valve must be properly capped. If a cap is not installed, a gas leak could occur, putting you, your loved ones, and your home at risk for a fire or explosion.

For your safety, never attempt to disconnect a propane appliance without the assistance of a Herring Gas professional. In the event that any part of your propane system is worked on by anyone other than a licensed Herring Gas employee, it is your legal responsibility to notify Herring Gas immediately.

Remember, if you suspect a leak, do not investigate it on your own. Instead, evacuate the home, shut off the gas supply at the tank or cylinder, call Herring Gas or 911, remain outside until a service person has told you it is safe to re-enter the home, and do not use the propane system until a Herring Gas employee has made sure it is leak-free.