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What To Do If You Smell Gas


1. Carefully extinguish all ignition sources and avoid creating any sparks.

  • Do NOT smoke.
  • Put out any open flames.
  • Do NOT operate lights, appliances, or thermostats.
  • Do NOT use the telephone or cellular phone.

2. Immediately evacuate everyone from the home, vehicle, RV, trailer, or area.


3. Shut off the gas supply at the tank(s) or cylinder(s) by turning the valve to the right (clockwise).


4. Call Herring Gas Company from a neighbor's phone or a cell phone away from the suspected leak. If you cannot reach Herring Gas, call 911 or your local fire department.


5. Stay outside and leave the gas turned off until a service person has corrected the cause of the leak and told you it is safe to re-enter.


6. Do not use the gas system until Herring Gas or another qualified service technician inspects and tests the system to make sure it is leak-free.


What to do if you Suspect a Gas Leak

The following video walks you through the steps of what to do if you suspect a gas leak. 

Remember, the smell of propane is a warning device that has been added for your protection. Do not ignore it! Make sure all members of your household know the smell of propane.